Lisa’s parents were part of an Irish band, but her passion is for Americana. Starting on the 5 string banjo, she moved to the guitar as lead singer. Her vision is to cover the songs she loves with her own individuality.

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Brought up in Ireland surrounded with Irish Traditional music and song, he has been playing harmonica and singing ever since. Moving to Somerset set up Irish trad band "Skelad" and "Murphy's Mongrels", playing Glastonbury in 1992. 



Born in the Deep South but now living in the Wild West, Keith enjoys tipping cows, rustling horses, racing pickup trucks and making Moonshine.
Fun fact: he has played at Idle Working Men's Club.



Zac enjoys rootin', tootin', and shootin', and once dropped a quart bottle of Jack Daniels in his local Walmart

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5 String Banjo player, semi-pro keyboard player, and retired yacht captain. Spends 50% of the gig tuning his banjo, and the other 50% playing out of tune